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Hour of Code

  Scratch the Cat!These links are for Dixie School's Hour of Code, but can be used by anyone. (Updated for 2014). I have tried the courses below and found them to be some of the user-friendliest of the Hour of Code modules for beginners. Student projects will be posted to the NorthMarinScratch Scratch account. - A.W.

For Beginners and Grades 1 - 5+

  1. Scratch Tutorial - for Hour of Code - Choose from 3 projects!
  2. Learn to Code with Frozen! from
  3. Play Lab from - Make a game
  4. Tutorial - Learn looping and conditionals from Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg (and others)! - As of Monday morning 12/8, their servers seem overloaded, so if it doesn't load, try one of the other links.
  5. Doing Scratch at Home (.pdf) - How to use the Scratch tutorial and get started with Scratch by Alfia

For Beginners and Grades 5+ (good reading skills)

  1. Javascript  with 's Rescue Mission (interactive action game)
  2. Javascript  with Khan Academy's Hour of Code (no-nonsense but effective)

More:'s 20 hour K-8 online curriculum - All Hour of Code modules